The History of Lebanese Banknotes (1919 – 1964)

Tony Anka , Wissam Lahham

Today, Arab readers in Lebanon find it hard to find a reference that gives a sweeping overview of the Lebanese banknotes History from a perspective that engages banknotes collectors. The economic history of Lebanon and the evolution of its monetary and banking system have been tackled by many researchers, thus the aim of this book is not to analyze the Lebanese economy and its evolution over the past century, but is rather directed to record the Lebanese banknotes based on examining as many documents available as possible, especially legal texts on the Lebanese monetary system, which were published through various stages. 

Indeed, unlike other books, this book does not only narrate the History of the Lebanese currency paper, but also provides all available information about each particular paper, from identifying the artwork on the currency and retracing its origin, painter and date, to explaining watermarks on banknotes and the arithmetic logic adopted to determine the serial numbers. 

Also available in French version : L'Histoire du papier-monnaie libanais (1919-1964)

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Tony Anka

Born in 1972, Tony Anka is a musician and music composer. Holder of a Ph.D. in Musicology. Professor at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music.

Wissam Lahham

Born in 1987, Wissam Lahham is a lecturer at the Institute of Political Science of the Saint Joseph University of Beirut. He has published a series of books on Constitutional Law and History of political thought.

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