A Walking Miracle

A journey into metamorphosis and heart healing
Eugenie Kadid Sayegh

No Pain, No Glory 
The Camino: The Way to Freedom 

Eugenie’s perseverance through challenges renewed her faith and brought her closer to God. She placed all of her worries and sicknesses in His hands. This is a memoir of an average human born in a small village in Lebanon.  At 38, she went through a mid-life crisis that brought her to the brink. Her strong personality, faith, and determination empowered her to explore the world and to achieve her dreams. Nothing stops her, when she puts her mind to a goal. In this book, after she was miraculously cured of a chronic illness, Eugenie walked the Francés Way of the Camino de Santiago with her best friend, Anthea Potter. Her pilgrimage journey began…      

Eugenie Kadid Sayegh

Eugenie Fathi Kadid was born in Lebanon to a Syrian Armenian and Lebanese Maronite. She attended Collège des Frères Maristes – Champville in Dik El Mehdi, where she was raised. Eugenie lives with Ghassan Sayegh, her husband of twenty-seven years, and her three children in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she is a Bikram Yoga Instructor and French teacher. She is a passionate and spiritual extrovert driven by a courageous and obsessive-compulsive need for a deeper love of all on earth. This is her first book, Eugenie wrote it with truth, love and a zest for life. 

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